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Our Value Proposition

Empower Nursing Efficiency,
Focus on the Doctor-patient Experience

Repetitive and inefficient work procedures prevent registered nurses from demonstrating their full professional value, severely affecting the quality of patient care. We start with the needs of registered nurses to create smart and automatic health care procedures, build a comprehensive smart care platform, and offer higher quality medical services.

Seamless Upgrade

The best solution for smart nursing

When hospitals introduce new facilities and systems, in addition to providing new value, the cost of set up and maintenance must also be considered. We offer hospitals the fastest installation and most affordable budget to introduce the most valuable plan for smart healthcare solutions.
The work of a registered nurse is varied and complex. Our proposal for smart medical treatment solutions starts with the needs of registered nurses and is completely compatible with their current responsibilities. No new skills are required to learn and the system can be upgraded easily and effortlessly.

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German Magazine KTM Krankenhaus Report


The Nankai Hospital (3A) of Tianjin, China has launched the Smart Nursing Station pilot project


Completion of Installation of the First Smart Nursing Station in Taiwan Tzu Chi Hospital (Medical Center)


Successful participation in MEDICA, world's largest medical exhibition

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Melten Inc., a smart healthcare startup focusing on the field of care, pioneer of future smart space. By applying IoT and Blockchain technology, our smart healthcare solutions help nurses deal with complicated workflows. Let them spend time on doctor-patient experience, and thus improve service quality and satisfaction.

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